A new laser-based technology

The Ultimate Core Analysis

High resolution digitizers

A new laser-based technology

The Ultimate Core Analysis

High resolution digitizers

ECORE: A revolutionary
laser-based core scanner.

ECORE is the ultimate core scanner: combine the novel geochemical laser ablation sensor to ELEMISSION automation expertise and, increase your on-site workflow. Analyze and obtain results in real-time at speeds compatible with your expectations. The experiment process is optimized according to your needs: place the core tray as is and press start!

Fast, Simple, Efficient:
the true power of laser-induced spectral analysis:


Ultra-fast automated mineralogy

Multi-elemental chemical assays

Automated lithology

Elementary deportation study

Mineralogical texture

Determination of grain size

And more !

ECORE the laser-based ideal digitizer

The ECORE laser hyperspectral imager differentiates itself by its elemental analysis quality and its sensitivity to light elements. Thanks to an unmatched analysis speed, Ecore produces fast and reliable analysis results in minutes, without sample preparation. Get the true content of alterations that follow complex dissemination patterns.

ECORE video

LIBS emission spectra are selective and sensitive enough to allow trace elements analysis from H¹ to Pu⁹⁴ and fuel a thorough automated mineralogical study!

The high resolution of
ECORE sensors!

The high resolution of ECORE sensors brings high quality mapping in real time, forget the 10 hours waiting time to get results. Obtain a detailed 2D map at high speed with realistic resolution: make no compromise between data quality and representativity.

Brighten your results, fuel them with light speed!

A true multi-elemental analyzer
at last! Improve your scanning process with Ecore’s built-in
AI-enabled automated mineralogy.



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